Know Where You've Been, See Where You're Going

 Pivot provides Program Evaluation for Non-Profit organizations and governmental bodies including schools.  
Pivot's method's allow clients to enter the evaluation process at any stage of the program, whether you begin with Needs Assessment, Program Planning, Program Execution, or Outcome Analysis.  Our team of knowledgeable, experienced consultants is available to provide help for organizations and companies with expertise relevant to their particular questions, issues and challenges.  The program evaluation methods used by Pivot Ensure program staff, participant voices and their concerns drive evaluation.  This is done through the use of:  

Multi-level analyses, which ensures the evaluation captures unanticipated consequences and follows a big picture direction, and Qualitative and Quantitative methods that provide valid information for your decision-making. 

This image shows the green program cycle along with the various ways program staff can enter the orange evaluation process.  Program staff can use evaluation results in terms of reporting the next program step or for improving the previous step.  For example, starting with formative (process) evaluation, program staff can report project implementation targets.  Alternatively, project staff may wish to examine if their plans materialized and how to improve the execution of those plans.