Know Where You've Been, See Where You're Going

 Pivot puts your data to work for you.

Are you a program manager of a nonprofit, a charter school, or a public agency? 
Pivot's team of experienced, cross-disciplinary evaluators 
helps bring your data to life.   
Community & Organizational Needs Assessments
Outcomes Studies, Impact Analyses
Program Monitoring & Reporting
Data Analytics & Management Systems
Strategic Planning & Process Improvements

Pivot's evaluation methods ensure stakeholder and staff 
concerns and voices drive the evaluation. 

Multi-level analyses capture unanticipated findings, focusing programs on upstream context while informing
downstream interventions. 
Qualitative and quantitative methods provide rich indicators for program decision-making.

The green program cycle shows various ways program staff can enter the evaluation process, in orange. Program staff use evaluation results cyclically, to inform processes and gather outcomes at every program intervention point. 
Starting with formative (process) evaluation, program staff report project implementation targets. Alternatively, project staff may wish to examine if their plans materialized and how to improve the execution of those plans.