Program Planning

Federal grants require unusual program evaluation considerations. Pivot is familiar with National Outcome Measure (NOM) and Government Performance Reporting Act (GPRA) reporting. Many departments develop their own common measures, and most federal reporting is accomplished online. Our experience can help you understand the nuances and distinctions which may not be obvious in the online reporting system.
These are just a few of the grant programs we have been involved with:

U.S. Dept of Education Counseling, School Climate
Character Education
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration: Garrett L. Smith Youth Suicide Prevention
Schools and Mental Health

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment is more than a survey.  Methods for needs assessment include determining who to include and how to obtain valid actionable information.  Questions drive the methods of needs assessment data collection.

Strategic Planning

Ever wonder why Strategic planning always feels like wheel spinning and endless linguistic wrangling? Pivot solves this problem with interactive exercises that drive planning with your data.


Sustainability includes financial considerations.Non profits have a business model just like universities and governmental agencies. Pivot has developed non-profit business plan templates and cash flow projection sheets to help model various funding and staffing scenarios.