Pivot Evaluation supports our colleagues who have worked with us and pursued other employment options.  We wish them the best as they further their careers. 

Terry Schleder, M.P.H.
Community Health Evaluator

Terry Schleder served as a Clinical Quality Specialist with the New Mexico Primary Care Association.  You can reach Terry at tschleder@gmail.com.

Terry Schleder has worked in regional and national health equity movements for over 20 years in the areas of health promotion, planning, policy and communications. Terry helps governments and groups understand and improve community systems leading to improved health outcomes.

His Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) methods, epidemiology, common sense and street smarts produce competitive proposals and evaluations that inform decision-making. He holds a Master of Public Health degree from University of New Mexico and received the 2013 Jonathan Mann Award from the New Mexico Public Health Association.  He lives with his teenage son and dog in ABQ, NM, USA.

Kathleen Gygi, Ph.D.
Senior Evaluator

Kathleen Gygi Currently works at the University of New Mexico ECHO project.

She is an interdisciplinary educator and evaluator with a deep understanding of evidence-based practice and why it matters. Her work experience in participatory planning and human-centered design leads her clients to clear knowledge and decision making.  Her passion for collaboration and community building combined with powerful virtual tools supports a place matters perspective valuable in many contexts.

Kathleen has been involved with numerous projects, a few of which include:

  • Engaging staff at a public garden in evaluation capacity building activities
  • Facilitating action planning for an emergent coalition of Albuquerque nonprofits
  • Escorting young leaders from Central Asia on a tour of local innovation and economic development resources
  • Supporting University of New Mexico faculty in developing proposals for external research funding

Before returning to New Mexico from the Pacific Northwest, she worked for a Portland-based consulting firm as an evaluator of energy efficiency programs and as an on-call consultant for the visitor and evaluation studies group at a large science museum. She is an adjunct online instructor in an accelerated sustainability MBA program.